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Record it, Review it, Renew it - Managing Your Lists

Posted on 25 April, 2014 at 16:22
Do you make lists? I do. Grocery lists, packing lists, party-planning lists, to-do lists…my list of lists goes on and on! 

The basic rules of list-making are to record all the pertinent information, review the list regularly in order to utilize it well and finally to renew or update the list as items are crossed off and new ideas need to be captured.

Yet, Sometimes, even with the best of lists, it can feel like time is galloping out of our control and we are merely trying to stay on the horse that is our crazy schedule – never mind the style points! 

When it comes to lists, there are some challenges that seem to be universal. Here's..well yes, a list! of some common hurdles:

  • Keeping track of the lists we make
  • Having incomplete or disorganized lists that let tasks get lost in the shuffle
  • No coordination of tasks and commitments between family members
  • Procrastination - moving the same items from list to list and never getting them done

Click here to read about tips and tricks that will keep you on the horse and set the pace that works for you. 

Categories: Productivity, Time Management

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Reply Free Stock Tips on Mobile
10:39 on 16 May, 2014 
Provided here very useful information which is very useful for all of us in any way. Thanks for sharing here.
Reply Erine
10:59 on 21 May, 2014 
Reply Manillenials
8:47 on 26 June, 2014 
Free Stock Tips on Mobile says...
Provided here very useful information which is very useful for all of us in any way. Thanks for sharing here.

If there is something that I am crazy about that would be making lists. I totaly freak out when I do not have any plans or ideas of what I would do or buy so I always make lists. Call me a "list maniac" but I am. I feel secure when I know that I have a list to follow.
Reply Dustin Forbes
14:34 on 7 October, 2022